Your Back-to-School Check List

It’s that time again—the school year is about to begin! Young people all over the country are divided into two camps: those thrilled to get back into the thick of learning, who eagerly anticipate their reunion with school friends; and those who wish that summer would last forever.

At TaskRabbit, we’re firmly in the first group. Why? Because back-to-school season means loads of back-to-school tasks up for grabs!


Think about it: All of those college students moving into new dorm rooms or apartments within the next month means plenty of task opportunities in the following categories:

  • Help Moving
  • Furniture Assembly
  • IKEA Assembly
  • Cleaning

Here are a few tips to make sure you snatch up these back to school tasks while they last:

  • Add categories. If you do not currently have Help Moving, Furniture Assembly, IKEA Assembly, or Cleaning on your profile, consider adding them. We expect a great deal of task invitations at the end of this month from these categories in particular! dorm_room.png
  • Update your Work Area map. If you’re in a city with a university nearby, consider updating your Work Area map to include it.
  • Update your Availability. Make sure to open up schedule Availability for the next two weeks to take advantage of these tasks. If any last-minute changes come up, make sure to update your Availability in the app so you get tasks only when you’re able to task.

frames.pngHappy ‘Back To School’ Season!

5 comments on “Your Back-to-School Check List

  1. Sean O'Reilly


  2. I’am a returning tasker, and need assistance getting on to the virtual orientation test. Everything else is good to go, profile, availability, skills, and rate. I will try to go to customer support for live chat hopefully they can help me with this issue.

    • Kyra TaskRabbit

      Hi Thomas, someone from the team will reach out to you today and assist you with getting on the virtual orientation session. Glad to have you back!

  3. Audrey Patterson

    I am a returning Tasker trying to get to the Available Now Task. Is it still available?

    • Kyra TaskRabbit

      Hi Audrey, ‘Available Now Task’ is no longer a feature on our platform. We do have Same Day tasking available in certain cities though, which might help you secure extra tasks in an on-demand basis.

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