#TaskerTuesday – Asa W.

Taskers are one of the pillars of our community. Without them, we wouldn’t be here, and our Clients would be looking elsewhere for help with their to-dos. Our platform only works because this community exists—a community in which Clients trust Taskers to help them get things done, and Taskers trust Clients to treat them with respect. Every time we hear of a Tasker who embodies the positive power of community, we want to feature them front and center.

c1826b6d0fc3-20180704_133332-2.jpgOne of these individuals is Tasker Asa W., a transgender woman in Portland. She recently helped us stop and reflect on all the ways that community matters—and how TaskRabbit can help foster its development in new directions.

“I needed a schedule I could control,” Asa told us when we chatted with her about why she joined the TaskRabbit platform. “The flexibility of tasking allows me to have a life on my own terms—and this includes giving me the ability to transition in peace and relative comfort. It’s also helped a lot with keeping my faith in humanity intact. Everyone I’ve helped through TaskRabbit has been friendly, even after finding out that I’m a trans woman.”

With 130 tasks under her belt and a 95% positive review rating, Asa is a power tasker. She tasks in a number of categories, including Delivery, Furniture Assembly, Lift & Shift Furniture, Help Moving, Arts & Crafts, Errands, and more. When we asked what her favorite tasking memory was, her answer was all about community. She has made multiple friends and had hours and hours of amazing conversations with her Clients—always genuinely connecting with them as individuals.

“One Client has become like a surrogate mother to me,” Asa said. “She had to move because she couldn’t afford chemotherapy, and the rent she was paying for herself, three sons, and their dog was too expensive. She sat in the room with me while I packed her things, and she told her story—and invited me to share mine. Despite her task being long over, we still keep in touch.”

Apart from simply helping her earn money, TaskRabbit has helped Asa improve her self confidence—and given her the opportunity to examine and encounter people she wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to meet. Working with Clients has helped her feel better about herself and the city of Portland.


Asa’s advice to Taskers centers once again on—you guessed it—the idea of community. “Remember that the people you’re helping aren’t just Clients!” she says. “When you embrace the social element of tasking, friendships can come along unexpectedly, particularly during longer tasks. The tips and reviews will follow.”

Two things that have helped Asa find balance in life have been embracing the people around her and taking the leap of creating the life she truly wants for herself. “Openness, tolerance, and appreciation of what I have—and can have—are very important to me. I also believe in human dignity and am very principled when it comes to human rights. The fact that TaskRabbit respects and values its Tasker community is invaluable to me.”

We were humbled by Asa’s comments, her story, and her dedication to seeing the best in the people she meets, especially her Clients. We firmly believe that with Taskers like her out there leading by example, our platform can truly be a force for good in every community.

Some of the Taskers we feature here are also featured to TaskRabbit Clients, giving them even greater visibility.  If you’re a Tasker and have a great story to share for our #TaskerTuesday series, fill out our survey here!

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  1. Great post!

  2. James Wooten

    Awesome! A great story… For Asa, because she obviously benefits from having flexibility and a link to the community that she might shy away from in other jobs… and for TaskRabbit as well. They fit a need in both Taskers’ and Clients’ lives by connecting them and by recognizing and rewarding talent!

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