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Why Weekend Tasks Are Worth It

Weekends are great for many reasons—they’re a chance for us to spend time with family and friends and unwind from all the hard work we’ve done Monday-Friday. You always have the freedom to task whenever you want, but we want you to know that weekends are a great time to pick up loads of extra task opportunities!

Did you know that on average, Taskers across the TaskRabbit platform miss out on approximately $200,000 from tasks that go unfulfilled on weekends? Yes, you read that correctly—around $200,000 worth of unfulfilled weekend tasks are passing our Tasker community by every weekend.

While we know that some of you want to take Saturday and Sunday off after a busy week of tasking, we also understand that others want to make the most of the extra tasks up for grabs on weekendsand the money that they bring in. After all, as the owner of your own business on TaskRabbit, you can take a break from tasking whenever you want–maybe Monday and Tuesday if you so choose– which could be worth it for a share of that $200,000!

Many Clients notice more to-dos around their homes during the weekend, when they’re actually home. We’ve also heard from many Clients that they often prefer to have Taskers complete tasks while they’re there, which can be challenging during the traditional work week.

The top 5 categories for weekend task invitations are:

  • Help Moving
  • Minor Home Repairs
  • Mounting
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Cleaning

And Delivery isn’t too far behind, particularly for Clients who are taking the only free time they have to throw a party or see their friends and family!

Our data indicate that task cancellations are particularly high on weekends due to Taskers’ schedule conflicts. We understand that some things are unavoidable, but improving your Acceptance and Reliability Rates can go a long way toward earning Clients’ trust and being able to book tasks with them again.

Here are a few ways you can pick up some extra weekend tasks—and improve your Business Metrics while you’re at it!

  • Open up your schedule Availability on Friday-Sunday when we see the highest volume of task invitations.
  • Check your Availability daily to ensure you’ll receive tasks when you’re up for it.
  • Remember your Same Day preferences. Don’t forget that future Availability becomes Same Day Availability when tomorrow becomes today. If you’d like to stop receiving Same Day tasks after auto-setting your Categories and Map, you can either uncheck the settings or remove Availability from your calendar.

By keeping these three tips in mind, you will not only pick up more weekend tasks, but you’ll also earn higher business metrics, which can go a long way toward building long-term, trusted relationships with Clients. And don’t forget about that share of $200,000 that could be yours!

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