How to Manage your Schedule

Part of what makes the TaskRabbit platform so flexible is that it allows you to control when, where, and how you work. Yet this ability to task during varying hours, days, and weeks sometimes raises the question: How do you manage your schedule? When you also have other commitments, it can sometimes be a challenge!

Your tasking schedule is all about you. While we have peak task invitation times on weekends for certain categories like Help Moving and Furniture Assembly, Clients can send task invitations whenever they need someone to help them tackle a to-do. Tasks can start anywhere from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., depending on when the invitations come in. With all this variability, you really do have the opportunity to work whenever you want.

But with this flexibility comes the responsibility to be available for tasking when your schedule says you are. Failure to do so can negatively impact your business metrics like your Acceptance Rate, which could hurt your chances of receiving further task invitations from Clients. We’ve gathered some tips to help keep your Clients coming back and your schedule in perfect order. Continue reading to learn more!

  1. Set Your Schedule In Advance, But Monitor It

In our Tasker app, you can set your calendar up to 2 weeks in advance for future day tasks. The more time you have available, the higher your chances are of getting a task invitation from more prepared Clients. However, make sure to check your schedule frequently, and make sure it is always an accurate display of when you’re available to task.

If you know you have schedule conflicts coming up (or recurring conflicts on particular days), make sure to set your schedule accordingly. If a conflict arises after you’ve already scheduled a task, communicate with your Client as soon as possible to see if you can reschedule it.

Remember: The more tasks you have to cancel as a result of not planning in advance, the higher the negative impact on your business metrics will be.

  1. Monitor Your Same Day Tasking Schedule (for cities with Same Day tasks)

Your Non-Same Day Availability automatically becomes Same Day Availability once tomorrow becomes today. While you have the option to toggle Same Day tasks on and off, always be sure to check your calendar to make sure the times you have set are still the times you want to be tasking!

If you don’t feel like responding to task invitations the following morning at 8:00 a.m. for Same Day invitations, toggle OFF “Available to Respond” the night before.

Remember: Same Day tasking requires faster response times to Clients than Non-Same Day tasks at one hour.

  1. Adjust Your Work Area Map as Needed

Just as important as setting your schedule Availability is setting your Work Area map—which you can set separately for Same Day and Non-Same Day tasks. Our app limits the size of the map you can draw so that your tasks don’t end up hundreds of miles apart or require that you drive many hours.

Once you set your Work Area map for Non-Same Day tasks, it will stay the same until you change it again. If you choose to make your Same Day map different from your Non-Same Day map, you can opt to make it automatically identical for Same Day tasking going forward by setting your Same Day preferences.

Remember: Your map requirements may differ based on your schedule. A good way to manage this is to adjust your Work Area map as soon as you know when and how your work area might need to change in the future.


  1. Consider Traffic and Transportation in Advance

An important part of tasking is getting to your tasks on time. Arriving on time is an indicator of great customer service and can go a long way toward building trust and starting your task off right.

Some Taskers bike to tasks; some drive; and some use public transportation. Whichever method you choose, you should consider how much buffer time you need between each task so you can stick to your schedule.

Remember: If you experience unforeseen transportation problems, make sure to communicate with your next Client as soon as possible!


  1. Recheck Your Calendar After Booking a Task

Make sure to check your schedule after booking a new task to make sure the parameters you’ve set with your Client don’t conflict with the Availability you have set for that day.

If you have a task with an indefinite ending time, it may be wise to remove further Availability from your calendar to make sure you won’t receive invitations that you might later have to forfeit.

Remember: If you ever find that you have extra Availability on your calendar once your task day rolls around, you can always switch ON Same Day Availability to pick up an extra task or two (if you’re in a city with Same Day tasks)!

You are the master of your own schedule. It’s the backbone of your business on TaskRabbit, and the better you manage it, the better experience you—and your Clients—will have. This will mean more good reviews for you and more tasks in the future!

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