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The Client Experience: What Taskers Need to Know

You know what it’s like to be busy—we all do. Imagine the last time you needed to get a job done around the house or at work, but you simply didn’t have the time, or when you did find the time, you didn’t have the right skills to complete it. You could have used help, right?

This is why Clients come to the TaskRabbit platform. We aim to foster a sense of community and trust between Clients and Taskers every day so that you can both benefit from each other. But trust depends on understanding. So we thought it would be helpful for you to understand the Client experience, which we believe will help you, in turn, improve your business.

Why Responding Quickly to Clients Can Earn You Money

andrew-neel-237802-unsplashImagine you’re a Client with an urgent to-do on your list. Either it needs to get done today, or it’s essential that it gets scheduled soon so that other calendar events can get scheduled. You send out an invitation to a Tasker…and then wait for a response. And then wait some more.

Sometimes, the extent of this waiting period can make a big difference for Clients. When a Tasker doesn’t respond in a timely manner, it can negatively impact a Client’s schedule. When a Tasker doesn’t respond at all, it means they have to start the invitation process (and waiting game) all over again.

Why does this matter to you as a Tasker? Because it also benefits you when you respond quickly to Client invitations. Not only does it show that you care about helping them; it also shows that you are dependable, builds trust in the TaskRabbit platform and community, and offers you a chance to gain a repeat Client.

Why Scoping Tasks & Quick Pitches Matter

After a Client invites you to do a task, it’s important to communicate via chat, scope out the task, and make sure you have skills and tools necessary to complete it. Imagine that you’ve hired someone to do a job, but they show up unqualified and unprepared. Now, you have to start the process of hiring someone all over again. How would you feel? Frustrated? Misled?

This is why we encourage Taskers to use our chat and photo-sharing features to understand a Client invitation before accepting it. Scoping a task carefully is the best way to make sure you’re the perfect fit.


You might be wondering how you can avoid a Client mismatch. A great way to help potential Clients before they even invite you to a task is have thorough your Quick Pitches. The more skills and details you include in each Quick Pitch, the better—this will help Clients see why you (and only you) are the right person to do the work, and avoid you having to forfeit the task if you aren’t the right fit.

Engaging During Your Task—And Gaining Repeat Clients


Finally, imagine you’re a Client about to welcome a stranger into your home to do a task. It requires faith and trust that the person showing up at the door won’t just be qualified to do the task, but also that they’ll be friendly and deserving of your trust to begin with.


With each task, you have the opportunity to build a sense of community with your Clients. Chat with them. Share a bit about yourself. Be open to learning about their life experiences. The more you can connect, the more likely it is that the Client will want to work with you again and again.

Understanding the Client experience on TaskRabbit is a great step toward building a lucrative, lasting, and rewarding freelance business. Great customer service comes in different forms, and as Taskers, you have the opportunity to make new, worthwhile connections every day.

2 comments on “The Client Experience: What Taskers Need to Know

  1. I think this is very helpful advice to Taskers! I would like to see T. R. provide a similar tip to clients requesting a TASK. It would get them to supply more info up front, instead of putting all the burden on the TASKER… we end up having to ask uninformed clients a ton of questions and I can tell sometimes they tire of it.
    Having the client send links to the furniture to be assembled or products to be mounted is always helpful and makes my day!
    Knowing that a TASKER may have issues with parking or traffic and to have some understanding around timing (and if absolute punctuality is vital at all costs, to state that in invite.)
    We really try to be on time, but earlier tasks frequently run long as clients often underestimate time frames, SF traffic is crazy and irregular, we do a lot of driving in places we have limited familiarity with.
    ETC. ETC.


  2. Daniel Brown

    This is great

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