#TaskerTuesday – Tashalee C.

Have you ever moved on from one employer to another, learning new skills, only to find that the next employer doesn’t allow you to use those skills you’ve picked up? This was the story of NYC Tasker Tashalee C., who came to TaskRabbit after realizing that she wanted a flexible way to use the skills she had acquired over many years of professional work.

Before TaskRabbit, I went from job to job, picking up several new skills but having no real outlet for them,” Tashalee said when we chatted with her. “Most of these places told me I was overqualified or too expensive. For someone who made it a point to finish college—while working the whole time—that was a hard pill to swallow. It left me feeling worthless and trapped. TaskRabbit gave me the opportunity to showcase all of my unique talents and skills, which were continuously getting overlooked at other jobs.

The platform really gave me my life back”

And her experience is showing. Tashalee tasks in numerous categories, including Executive Assistant, Accounting, Computer Help, Usability Testing, Research, Data Entry, Decoration, Event Planning, Help Moving, and more. Did we mention that she has a 100% positive review rating?

Now, Tashalee has control over her schedule, her hourly rate, and the skills she uses while tasking—which is a huge plus for her. Like many Taskers, the most rewarding thing about her transition into tasking has been one thing: freedom. “I worked professionally for 12 years, and no matter how much money I made, something felt unfulfilled,” she told us. “Becoming a Tasker has given me a balanced life—something I have wanted for years.”

20180805_143039And lest you think Tashalee sticks only to tasking, think again. When we asked what her favorite task has been so far, we were surprised that it tied directly into her personal endeavors. “My best tasking memory was when I got to work with an aspiring food blogger,” Tashlee told us. “I happen to have a food blog myself, so it felt like a match made in heaven. She and I both went to different places for tastings. I got the opportunity to visit restaurants I never would’ve thought about trying. Overall, that task helped me establish myself both here on TaskRabbit but also as a food blogger.”

Given Tashalee’s 100% positive rating on our platform, we asked her what her top advice is for fellow Taskers. The four points she shared aligned perfectly with everything we encourage for our Taskers:

  • Always give every task your absolute best effort.
  • Treat every Client as you would treat family.
  • Suspend the idea that you are working, and treat each task as if you were hired for your expertise in your field.
  • Work efficiently, but let your personality shine through. Clients will remember you!

“Since I started making a career on TaskRabbit, my life has drastically improved,” Tashalee said. “It has given me both peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy ‘me time’— something I’ve never had before. I have time to rest more, exercise more, and even take the time to eat right. TaskRabbit has been the best thing to ever happen to me.”

Curious to learn even more about Tashalee? Check out her Instagram account, Tashalee’s Tasty Treats!

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