Announcing our Partner for the TaskRabbit for Good Pilot Program

We’re busy reimagining TaskRabbit for Good (TR4G), and part of that is thinking about ways to give back to our communities. Curious how this program will work? Well, here’s a hint: it will involve getting paid your regular rates to help Clients make charitable donations.

We are thrilled to announce that our partner for this initial San Francisco TR4G program is Goodwill!

IMG_0659Check out the below spotlight on Goodwill San Francisco, which features a Q&A with Michael Ware, Director of Donations at Goodwill San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties, on how donations impact the lives of people all over the San Francisco Bay Area every day.

TR: How does a Goodwill donation help change someone’s life?

MW: When we receive a jacket or a pair of shoes at Goodwill, it is just the beginning of our work. We resell donations on our various sales platforms to help fund our job training program – getting people ready to work, teaching digital skills to open up new career pathways, providing job placements. When someone donates, it enables us to provide for the community at-large in such an impactful way. Without donations, we don’t have a business model to help fund these life-changing programs.

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TR: What is your most memorable donation story?

MW: Once we had someone bring in something that looked like a huge ashtray made from dull bronze. After the item was polished, our appraisal team told us they needed to investigate further. It turned out to be a major artifact from one of the Chinese dynasties dating back to the 1600s. Our team connected with folks who were blood-related to the dynasty and they ended up purchasing the antique. We reunited the family with an heirloom!  

3. What’s your favorite San Francisco Goodwill event?

MW: Every year on December 31st, we have a huge event called the Donate-a-thon – this is, by far, our busiest day of the year. We see it as a huge block party where we can thank donors who give to Goodwill and celebrate our accomplishments – diverting millions of pounds from local landfills and placing hundreds of people in local jobs. We treat our donors to free movie and zoo tickets, live DJs and music bands, free snacks, and a movie screening.

TR: Why did you choose to work at Goodwill?

MW: I like seeing the direct impact that we have on people’s lives. All of these individuals are already talented – all we have to do is open the door and believe in them. It is inspiring when you see someone who wants to change their life, who is willing to work hard, and who is willing to capitalize on an opportunity to land a job or secure their first promotion. Just seeing that happen and playing a small role in it is the best part of my job.

We’re excited for you to learn more about the TR4G program—and participate!—and that you’ll be on this journey with us to help build more sustainable, compassionate communities.

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