Happy International Friendship Day!

Friendship. Sure, we celebrate friends’ birthdays, but don’t you think friends deserve to be celebrated every single day? When we have big life events—weddings, a new job, dreams coming true—friends are by our side to help us celebrate. During difficult times, they offer a shoulder to cry on and help us keep our chins up.

Because Sunday, August 5 is International Friendship Day, we are featuring a Tasker who embodies what it means to be a true friend. Someone who is a true example of why our core mission of connecting everyday people–and helping them make life easier for each other–really matters. We immediately thought of Christian B., whom we featured in a #TaskerTuesday post this past April. The unique caregiving relationship Christian built with an elderly Client named Janet inspired us. We wanted to know: what did this remarkable friendship mean to them?

We decided to ask. Christian—ever the friendly Tasker—was kind enough to share their story, and how TaskRabbit has played a part in it.

Friendship day

TR: First, what does friendship mean to you?

Christian: Friendship is loyalty. I have only a handful of people I can call my true friends. I take it seriously because I invest in the people who surround me. If I am progressing in life, I want to help them do the same, whether at the same level or even by surpassing me. I want them to succeed. If there’s anything I can do for my friends to improve one aspect of their lives at any given moment, I will.

TR: How did your past experience prepare you for this unique friendship you built with your Client Janet?

Christian: From 2008 to 2014, I used to co-own and run a residential care facility for the elderly, specializing in people with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. I was at the facility 24/7 with my two other staff members before eventually deciding to sell it. Since becoming a Tasker, I now have flexibility over my schedule, and still get to help people in my community–it’s a win-win.

TR: How did your friendship with Janet come about?

Christian: I’ve met many generous people through TaskRabbit, but Janet turned out to be the most amazing Client. My partner and I ended up taking care of her home in San Francisco, which led to us taking care of her. We now live with her rent-free.

“I not only found friendship—I found family.”

TR: What was the most rewarding thing been about this unexpected connection?

Christian: I not only found friendship—I found family. Janet became a mother to us, a confidant, a laughing buddy. She leans on us as much as we lean on her. When people see the real you and trust you with their lives, you know that’s true friendship and that it’s worth keeping. And overall, life is better now. It has given us a positive outlook on life; we laugh every day; we treasure every moment.

TR: Have there been any challenges involved with caring for Janet, and how have you overcome them?
Christian: The biggest challenge happened last November when Janet went into the ER for two months. My partner and I knew she wanted to live, so we fought for her by staying by her side the whole time, doing everything we could to help the doctors and nurses save her life. We were at her bedside 24/7. Later, her family and doctors told us that we literally saved her life. It was a life-changing moment. Because we took the time to focus on what we promised to do for her, we succeeded in getting her back home, healthier than when we met her. We had a lot of sacrifices, but it was all worth it, because we deeply cared.

What advice do you have for Taskers who hope to build genuine human connections with their Clients?

Be sincere. Be genuine. Under-promise, over-deliver.

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  1. Nicholas Field

    I have made so many great friends thru task rabbit!! I even got to meet Joe Biden because of task rabbit!!!!!

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