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Confused About Tasking Time Parameters? Look No Further.

Have you ever wondered how the timing of a task invitation affects how quickly you have to respond to the Client, or how soon a task can actually start?

We’ve heard of some confusion about the interplay between Client invitations and task start times. While you have the flexibility to set your tasking Availability based on your personal calendar, we want to accommodate as many scheduling situations as possible. As a result, our platform has certain time parameters that both Taskers and Clients must adhere to.

In order to give Clients a positive experience, Taskers should respond to their task invitations within specific time frames. Furthermore, the soonest time you can actually start tasking after accepting a Client invitation depends on the following two things: when exactly the invitation comes in, and—depending on what metro you’re in—whether it’s for a Same Day task or a Non-Same Day task. This is to provide you with enough buffer time to prepare prior to the task.

The chart below shows all our hiring time parameters and how we divide them up based on a given situation:

Hiring Time Parameters3

Still need more information about response times and setting your task Availability? Check out this Support Center article! And for more information on our hiring time parameters, check out this article.

3 comments on “Confused About Tasking Time Parameters? Look No Further.

  1. rizza sero

    It’s ikea assembling.. assignments from ikea don’t need interaction with clients cause it goes thru my task schedule right away

  2. Regenia Robinson

    I love this app. I wish more people on my side of town used it. The jobs ive been getting are further south. That is the only downside. Please encourage people around Marietta to task rabbit.

  3. Jorge Rivero

    Awesome information, thank you

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