Look for TaskRabbit Around Town!

You may have seen that TaskRabbit was recently featured in advertisements all over LA, New York, and London. In an effort to continue this marketing boost, we’re thrilled to share with you that starting this week, TaskRabbit will be featured on advertisements all over Chicago! We are anticipating that this will help garner Client awareness, and bring more tasks to you!

Here is a sneak peek of one of our awesome new ads that you can expect to see on a billboard or bus stop near you!



Look for our ads across Chicago– including at the United Center, Lincoln Square, at bus and METRA stations, and more. These ads will remind current and potential new Clients how TaskRabbit can make their everyday tasks easier and more efficient by hiring Taskers like you.

To take advantage of additional Client demand that we expect to be generated from this campaign, set your Same Day Preferences (since Same Day is increasing in demand), increase your Availability (especially on weekends when we see the highest demand), and make sure to have “Available to Respond” toggled ON.

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