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Get more from your Same Day tasks!

Have you ever wondered what happens to all that future availability on your calendar once those days approach and finally turn into today?

If you have future availability set for Non-Same-Day tasks and you don’t receive a task, this automatically turns into Same-Day availability once that day rolls around—unless you update it!

To opt into Same Day invitations, go to the “Get Invitations” screen of your Tasker app and click the “Same Day Invitations” option. You’ll first need to set your Same Day Preferences by clicking on the prompt. From here, you can:

  • Set your Work Area map for Same Day tasks—which can be different from your Non-Same Day task map. Taskers often choose a smaller Same Day map because of the immediate nature of Same Day tasks.
  • Set your categories. Select the skills you’d like to task in specifically for Same Day tasks.
  • Set your Availability for the coming weeks, keeping in mind that your future Availability will become your Same Day Availability when tomorrow becomes today.

One your preferences are set, simply click on the “Receive Same Day Invitations” toggle. That’s it!


Note: Your Same Day toggle will automatically turn OFF at midnight each night, so make sure you turn it on each morning if you’d like to do Same Day tasks. Update your schedule frequently to avoid having to forfeit any tasks, which could negatively impact your business metrics!

Of course, frequently checking your schedule to ensure it’s up to date is a great way to get work when you do want it. Just set your calendar and accept all those task invitations that come in!

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