Get more from your Same Day tasks!

Have you ever wondered what happens to all that future availability on your calendar once those days approach and finally turn into today?

If you have future availability set for Non-Same-Day tasks and you don’t receive a task, this automatically turns into Same-Day availability once that day rolls around—unless you update it!

Now, with the ability to auto-set your Same Day Categories and Demand Map area, it’s even easier to get Same Day tasks. But with this simplification comes the responsibility to be available when you say you are. If you’d like to stop receiving Same Day tasks after auto-setting your Categories and Map, you can either uncheck the settings or remove availability from your calendar.


Don’t forget, you can also always toggle OFF “Available to Respond” at night if your schedule the next morning has changed, or if you’re not ready to receive Same Day invitations for the following morning. Failure to do so could result in forfeited tasks and a negative impact on your business metrics–and we don’t want that, either!

Of course, frequently checking your schedule to ensure it’s up to date is a great way to get work when you do want it. Just leave your “Available to Respond” toggle ON and accept all those task invitations that come in!

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