#TaskerTuesday – Eric C.

Imagine this: You’re spending 8 hours a day working at a desk for a corporation that always wants more, more, more. You feel guilty about leaving your desk, and you feel judged for using your well-earned vacation time.

eric_c_TR_002_300dpi_WebSuch was life for Tasker Eric C., who spent many years creating graphics and animations for a mobile games company that left him feeling undervalued and unappreciated. After losing his job during an economic downturn, he found TaskRabbit—and the opportunity to be his own boss and take control of his professional life. In the four years since, he hasn’t looked back!

“My skill set has grown exponentially due to tasking,” Eric said when we chatted with him recently. “While I get many common task invitations for categories like Furniture Assembly, I also get quite a few more nuanced requests. There are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and grow my knowledge base.”

And Eric seemingly does it all: Furniture Assembly, Mounting, Interior Decorating, Painting, Cooking / Baking, Graphic Design, Photography, Minor Home Repairs, and . . . the list goes on. With over 500 tasks under his belt, he epitomizes what it means to be a self-starting Tasker.

According to Eric, he is now much happier. “In the corporate world, no one ever seemed satisfied,” he told us. “Now, on the flip side, my Clients are always incredibly thankful for the help and hard work I do. It’s great to be appreciated, and extremely rewarding to make people’s lives easier.”


When we asked Eric what advice he had for other Taskers, he said: “Do whatever it takes to make your Clients happy. Go that extra mile when the situation calls for it, or even when it doesn’t. A job worth doing is worth doing well, and there are no shortcuts. I approach every task with this attitude.”

Now that TaskRabbit has helped Eric create more flexibility in his life, he no longer feels chained to work. He can work as much or as little as he likes, and he gets to make his own schedule.

Sound liberating? We thought so, too.

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