Help Moving Tasks: Questions to Ask Clients

Have you ever shown up to a Help Moving task only to realize you didn’t have the correct tools or equipment for the job, or that a Client didn’t let you know there would be ten flights of stairs to navigate?


With moving season in full swing, it’s up to you to scope a task as thoroughly as possible before accepting it! Communication is key. Here are a few “copy/paste” questions to help you scope your upcoming Help Moving tasks with Clients before you show up at their door.

  • If you don’t have your own vehicle for the task, have you rented a moving truck? If not, do you anticipate needing a vehicle for the move?
  • How many pieces of large furniture will need to be moved? Do you anticipate this being a two-person task?
  • Do you live in an apartment complex? If so, does it have an elevator?
  • Are there stairs to navigate? If so, how many floors?
  • Are all items already packed safely? If not, are packing supplies provided?
  • Have you marked all items that are fragile as needing special attention?

Help Moving tasks are one of the best ways to earn money on our platform, and being prepared will go a long way toward keeping your Clients happy. When you’re able to easily handle every situation that comes your way, you’ll be more likely to get great reviews and more invitations!

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