Help Moving Income: You’re Missing Out!

Did you know that due to forfeited Help Moving tasks last summer, Taskers missed out on over $800,000? That’s right—a share of $800,000+ could have landed in your pocket.

This year, we want to help turn things around. Summer is a busy time for moving, and last week, we saw a record-breaking number of Client invitations! Unfortunately, there aren’t always enough Taskers to meet Client demand—which causes Clients to go elsewhere to find movers. That means you lose out on the significant amount of money these tasks could bring in.


We want you to put that extra money in your pocket this summer! Here are a few tips to do so:

  • If you don’t have the popular Help Moving category on your profile, consider adding it. It’s peak moving season, so this is a great way to pick up extra tasks!
  • If you have a vehicle, make sure you’ve updated your vehicle info on your Profile—this can help showcase your profile, particularly in the Help Moving, Delivery, and Lift & Shift categories.
  • Open up your schedule Availability–especially on weekends! This is when we see the highest spike in Client invitations for Help Moving.
  • Make sure you’re checking your Availability often to avoid schedule conflicts—this will keep your Clients happy and coming back for tasks in other categories!

We recently chatted with some Taskers recently about their Help Moving tasks and why they love keeping their customer service top notch. Here’s what they had to say:

“One of my early tasks was a Help Moving task. The Client was very stressed, but I wasn’t. I came in and just started handling business. I get to help normalize the process for my Clients, which offers added value!” – Matt S.


“Because I do Help Moving jobs, most of my Clients are already stressed out. This is when my values and general outlook come in to play: I make sure to exceed their expectations, because I love helping people. That’s why I’m on TaskRabbit every day!” – Don S.


“I am all about customer service. I want to be the best in everything I do, even in tasks as simple as moving a couch. I am meeting great people and showing my sons that hard work pays off.”

fabian-blank-78637-unsplash-1-e1531513568451.jpgDon’t forget: Taskers lose great opportunities to build their businesses and gain new Clients every time a task invitation goes unanswered. A slice of this year’s peak summer moving revenue could be yours—and it could help pay for that sunny beach vacation you’ll want to take this winter!






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