See how much London invitations have increased because of our Tube ads! 🚃

Have you spotted TaskRabbit posters around London? During the month of June, TaskRabbit was advertised in Tube stations all across the city!


We are so excited to publicise ads like these in more of our cities to spread the word of TaskRabbit to potential Clients and bring more tasks to you. But what impact did June’s ad campaign really have?


In the three weeks since the campaign started, we’ve seen 20% more Clients engaging with TaskRabbit! That means more task opportunities for you, and potentially more money in your pocket!

To make the most of this increased demand, make sure to set your calendar Availability, have your Available to Respond toggled “ON,” and consider opting into Same Day tasks to make the most of on-demand task invitations!

Check out our video below to see the ads as they are in the station!




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