The Ultimate Furniture Assembly Race

A Tasker once told us that she begins each IKEA Assembly task pretending that it’s a contest. We thought that sounded like a pretty fun way to put together furniture, so we wondered–what if it were a competition? 

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Check out the “BuzzFeed presents: Amateur vs. Pro” IKEA Assembly challenge video—where Tasker Arturo puts together an IKEA wardrobe against competitor Charmee.

Who do you think finished first?

The results left us smiling and feeling proud of the services—and value!—that our Taskers offer to Clients. After all, one of our core company values at TaskRabbit is to be a better neighbour, and what could be more neighborly than Taskers saving Clients from hours of frustration at Furniture Assembly?

3 comments on “The Ultimate Furniture Assembly Race

  1. Let’s create some real aides for the customers. A library of video guided step by stepvassembly guides by pro Taskers.
    Charge $5.00 view for 72 hours build with guided tutorial.

    • As a Tasker I’ll take that offer. I have seen too many cases where people failed to assemble IKEA furnitures.

  2. Stephen Baker

    I have assembled thousands of ikea pieces over 20 years and believe I am super fast. Faster then Most. And I know all about the hardware too!

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