Have Truck, Will Task–Consider the “Help Moving” Category!

Did you know how important trucks are to the Help Moving category? More than half of Clients require a truck for Help Moving tasks!

Out of the top 100 Movers on TaskRabbit, over half own a truck. Why are trucks important, you might ask? Not only are over half of Clients looking to hire Taskers with trucks, but our data indicate that Taskers with trucks receive more task invitations, complete more tasks, and (most importantly) earn more money.

If you currently have a car or truck, make sure you have included your up-to-date vehicle information on your profile. Clients are able to search depending on vehicle size, which means if you do have a larger vehicle, you could receive lots of new Help Moving task invitations!

If you own a truck, this is a huge opportunity for you to receive extra task invitations this summer. If you don’t own a truck, consider renting one during our peak demand periods such as Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (particularly around the end of the month!) to use during these busy moving periods. Keep in mind that, as with all billable expenses, a truck rental should be discussed with a Client prior to the task.

If you’ve changed vehicles since creating your Tasker profile, or perhaps gotten a new vehicle, make sure to update your vehicle information under Your Profile—Vehicles. That way, when Clients are looking for a Tasker with a truck for their next Help Moving, Delivery, or Lift and Shift task, you will have a better chance of being selected.

Remember, a truck could be your most valuable sidekick during moving season this summer!


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