Task on the go! Tasker Luke’s Story

Being a Tasker means complete flexibility when managing your schedule and where you want to task.

Last summer, Tasker Luke B. set out on a road trip across the US and shared his experience. Luke completed tasks in 10+ cities–gaining new experiences while helping Clients along the way! Read on to hear more about Luke’s adventures while tasking around the country.

Luke_In Blog

What made you want to take this trip?

My first love is traveling. America is an incredible country, full of astounding geological terrain and brilliant human diversity. What better way to see this and meet brilliant people than by tasking around the country?

What’s the most interesting task you have picked up along your journey?

Denver was a lot of fun — I got to work with a local Tasker named Paul (a friend now) cooking hamburgers and hotdogs for over 150 people at an office BBQ. I also picked up an amazing task in New York City that ended up taking me out to the Hamptons!

Is there one thing that you do for all of your Clients to make sure they have an amazing experience?

Smiling is absolutely key. Knowing I’m genuinely helping someone puts me in a positive mood, and I try to radiate that positivity back to the Client through a good sense of humor, manners, and lots of hashtags/emoticons in the chat thread 😊.

If you are inspired by Luke to task while traveling to one of the 50+ US cities where TaskRabbit is currently available, simply re-draw your map and update your availability to let Clients know you’re ready to task!

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