#TaskerTuesday – Eric B.

Today, we’re introducing you to Tasker Eric B., a Renaissance man with big ambitions and an even bigger heart. And we can’t forget one major thing: he loves bikes and motorcycles, despite having suffered—and survived—enough accidents and broken bones to make you thankful that yours are intact!

EricBeckAt age 62, Eric has lived a dream many aspire to: that of a Screen Actors Guild actor in the Los Angeles area. While he has also worked in areas of film and television production, he came to TaskRabbit in 2014 after his most recent two-wheeled accident. “I had some income gaps to fill when I came back to auditioning for acting roles,” he told us. “Someone mentioned TaskRabbit to me, and after I researched it online, I very much liked what I saw.”

In the years since, Eric has tasked in multiple TaskRabbit categories: Help Moving, Minor Home Repairs, Mounting, Yard Work & Removal, and—yep, you guessed it—Entertainment. “The flexibility of tasking is a perfect fit for me,” he told us. “It allows me to make my auditions. And if I booked an acting gig, the flexibility of the platform allows me to have my shoot days free.”


Eric also shared with us something we haven’t heard before in our #TaskerTuesday series. He shared that the biggest challenge TaskRabbit helped him overcome is something we all experience: fear.

“It really was that, first and foremost,” he said. “Fear of failing, fear of people, fear of facing the world. The tasking process has allowed me to discover some incredibly kind and delightful people I never would have met—and discover skills I never knew I had. Confidence is pretty much everything in life, whether it’s in asking a stranger to dance or in the act of creation. I am quite sincere when I say the TaskRabbit experience has gifted me in this way.”

Eric also had some wonderful bits of advice for Taskers:

  • Simply do the very best you can do, via research, hard work, professionalism, charm, and maintaining a good sense of humor.
  • Always try to make somebody’s day a better one.
  • Find your “wheelhouse”—the skill set that excites and fulfills you.
  • If you have a task that’s not exactly your thing, make precision, elegance, and problem-solving the focus for that particular task.
  • Get into a Zen-like mindset, and the rewards will naturally follow.

We loved hearing about Eric’s unique and beautiful approach to life and tasking, and we’re thrilled to have him share (and show) the ways our platform can benefit people. But perhaps he said it best: “TaskRabbit has given me an understanding that I have more of a say in my destiny than I thought—more than perhaps any other work I have taken on.”

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