$100 Richer – Read Tariq’s Story!

Hopefully, you’ve heard about our summer Moving Incentive Program, but in case you haven’t, here it is: If you complete and invoice at least 5 “Help Moving” category tasks in one week (beginning June 24), you’ll receive a $100 reward! It’s that easy! This incentive is exclusive to tasks completed within TaskRabbit’s New York City metro area and is for a limited time only, so make sure you get out there and claim it before it’s too late!

tariqAlthough this opportunity has been live for less than a week, we’ve already seen a significant number of savvy Taskers earn their $100 reward! We chatted with Tariq W. – one of these hardworking Taskers – to learn some tips and tricks on how he became one of our top Help Moving Taskers, and earned this incentive in record time!

Here are Tariq’s top 3 tips:

  • Availability. “Hands down, this is the most important–you have to be available if you want to receive lots of task invitations!” Make sure to open up your schedule availability especially on weekends and at the end of the month, when we see the biggest increase in Help Moving task invitations!
  • Be Prepared. “You just have to be ready to work. Moving can be physically tiring, so make sure you are prepared for that.” Also consider preparing by having the right tools–moving blankets, a moving dolly, and packing tape to name a few! Having a truck to help with moves could also help you receive more invitations, as over 50% of Clients require a truck for their Help Moving tasks.
  • Fuel Yourself. Making sure you are mentally and physically ready for the task is important. “I always make sure that I have some good music playing in my ears to get me in the zone! Another pro tip is to drink a lot of water, get good sleep, and eat a well-balanced breakfast to keep you going through the entire task.”


We’re thrilled that Tariq was able to earn the NYC Summer Moving Incentive in such a short time, and look forward to hearing many more stories of other Taskers who get an extra $100! To learn more about our incentive program, click here.

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