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Have you considered IKEA tasks?

Are you looking to make good money quickly or expand your existing Client base? Our IKEA Assembly category might be the answer. The IKEA Assembly category is our fastest growing category and has the potential to provide you with countless new tasks as we continue to grow. 

Why It’s Great

With a fixed rate per item, experienced Taskers have the potential to profit more as their speed and efficiency improves.

Because TaskRabbit services are advertised directly to millions of IKEA customers, your potential Client base (for this category and others) is exponential. Our IKEA Assembly category isn’t just a steady source of income; it’s also free marketing and networking for you and your business!

Key Facts

Since IKEA acquired TaskRabbit in 2017, the IKEA Assembly category has grown incredibly fast—and it’s about to grow even more. Here are just a few facts and figures to give you an idea of IKEA Client demand:

  • 56,650+ collective hours invoiced.
  • 5,299 dressers, filing cabinets, and chests assembled.
  • 3,799 beds, bed frames, and under-bed storage assembled.
  • 3,674 PAX wardrobes assembled.


Why other Taskers love IKEA Assembly tasks:

“It’s really nice to build something from scratch and then appreciate what you did with your own hands. My advice to IKEA Assembly Taskers: always ask the Client ahead of the task to confirm the item you will build so that you can look up product information online. And snack bars and water are always recommended when you have a task over 4 hours.” – Guillermo C., San Francisco Bay Area Tasker

At this point, I am exclusively doing IKEA Assembly tasks. But I do find that the IKEA Assembly tasks complement my other professional endeavors. I also work as a yoga teacher and personal trainer, and the furniture assembly allows me to use my brain in a different way. I feel that it really balances me out.” – Kate K., Miami Tasker

Often during an IKEA Assembly task, a Client is unaware that TaskRabbit either exists or performs other services. This allows me to cross-sell my other tasks categories as well as provide suggestions and feedback to some of the Client’s home maintenance concerns.” – Michael B., Chicago Tasker

How to Join

  • Add the IKEA Assembly category in the Skills + Rates section of your app.
  • Maintain high review ratings.
  • Review the Online IKEA Assembly Info Session (US or UK)

Click here to add the IKEA Assembly Category to your profile!

You’ve done it! IKEA Assembly Badged.

8 comments on “Have you considered IKEA tasks?

  1. I added IKEA to my skills list. I received an email and several notifications regarding the need to do the online training for it. None of the training links worked for me. I’ve sent in help tickets, but I haven’t received a reply. I don’t know what to do to fix this.

  2. kyrataskrabbitcom

    Great! Happy to help 🙂

  3. I like to be considered to assembly furniture.

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  5. Akia

    I’ve added IKEA to my skills and also did the training but I’m only receiving ikea task from the Fulfillment team through my email. When I respond to the email within 10mins, I get a reply saying the tasks are no longer available. Why can’t I receive ikea invitations through my app?

    • Kyra TaskRabbit

      Hi Akia, depending on which city you’re in, there are some smaller tasks that will come directly to your app, or more larger ones which have to be manually assigned through email. Stay with us as we have changes coming soon that should make this process easier!

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