#TaskerTuesday – Jaclyn S.

jaclynMeet Tasker Jaclyn S., who started as a Tasker on our platform in 2014. Having seen all sides of our business, she’s in a valuable position to bring in feedback about the platform from the perspective of a Tasker.

We chatted with Jaclyn about being a Tasker and bringing that experience to our HQ team, and here’s what she had to say:

What brought you to TaskRabbit (as a Tasker)?

I was in the process of moving and therefore between jobs, and TaskRabbit gave me the flexibility to work around my moving plans. I loved the platform so much that I continued to task on the side. It’s a great way to get to know a new city!

When did you do your first task?

I did my first task in April of 2015. I assembled furniture for a new office space.

What was your most memorable task?

I was hired to assemble a flock of bicycles for a couple that was getting ready for Burning Man and wanted to bring bicycles for their camp. It was definitely interesting to hear their story!

What’s your overall impression of being a Tasker, and the Tasker experience?

I love how great it feels to help people in a pinch! You kind of feel like a hero when you see the relief on the Client’s face, knowing that you did something they either couldn’t or didn’t have the time to do.


What are your top 5 reasons for liking the TaskRabbit platform?

  1. Having a flexible schedule. It allows me to travel and see my family whenever I want.
  2. The pricing feature. I like how the app lets you know how your prices compare to other Taskers in your categories and area.
  3. Meeting Clients, and going places in the city I would not normally go!
  4. Going to tasks that have other Taskers there—You feel a great sense of community.
  5. That I (and other Taskers) can volunteer through TaskRabbit for Good.

What are your top 5 tips for Taskers?

  1. Communicate as soon as you are hired, and get your task scheduled to have your Client impressed from the get-go.
  2. Keep your commitments. Not only does this make Clients happy, but it also lets them spread the word about how reliable you are as a Tasker.
  3. Be honest with yourself about your abilities. Don’t try to do tasks that are too far out of your scope. Clients will appreciate your honesty if you aren’t a great fit for their task.
  4. Be prepared and punctual!

What are the top 3 ways you think TaskRabbit helps independent contractors?

  1. TaskRabbit allowed me to build my business in a way that didn’t make me feel alone. It was great knowing I had a team of people who had my back.
  2. The openness with which TaskRabbit shares my Business Metric information with me. This really helps me to keep myself accountable!
  3. I love that the HQ team works on spreading awareness of the platform, which translates into awareness for all Taskers’ businesses. Recently, the company rolled out some massive ad campaigns around the world, which I think is super cool! They’re helping spread more awareness about the platform than I (or any other Tasker) could do alone, which is invaluable.

Is there anything new Taskers should be aware of before going to their first task?

rita-morais-108397-unsplashAs I said before, be honest with yourself about your abilities. You can use the chat thread to scope the task with the Client to make sure you’re a great fit to get the task done. From my experience, being honest and upfront with your Client is key!

We love speaking with Jaclyn here at TaskRabbit HQ for the valuable insights she provides from her tasking experience. We encourage each and every one of our HQ employees to complete tasks on a regular basis, and we’re always excited to hear more insights from them about our platform and processes!


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  1. Jaclyn’s astute observation regarding the positive effect having immediate access to our Business Metric’s is one I had not considered. I will be far more careful about leaving my toggle on as missed requests certainly influence monthly metric’s.
    I, too, appreciate TR’s focus on promotion–I have recently heard three TR ad’s listening to NPR!
    TR rocks!

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