Top 3 Tips to Ace Furniture Assembly Every Time.

Did you know that furniture assembly is one of the top categories on TaskRabbit? Many of our Clients don’t have the time, energy, or patience to assemble the new furniture they’re eager to set up in their homes, which leaves a huge opportunity for Taskers like you to be their Allen wrench-toting Knight in Shining Armor!

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We gathered the advice of some of the top Taskers in the Furniture Assembly category. If you enjoy puzzles, Legos, or building things, continue reading to learn the ins and outs of furniture assembly–and if you’re not already doing it, maybe consider trying it out!

  1. Communicate with your Client

While communicating with your Client is important for every task, it’s particularly important for furniture assembly tasks, because it allows you to learn about what you’ll be assembling prior to the task. Our top Taskers recommend asking Clients the following questions:

  • What is the product’s name, make, and model?
  • Do you have a cleared space in our home for me to assemble in?
  • Do you already have the box in the room where you want the item to stay?

“My biggest tip would be communication. If I’m stuck in traffic or my train has been delayed, if I feel the Client’s expectations are off, or I know I simply can’t fulfill the task within my comfort level, then I let Clients know. Transparency is key, from the second you’re hired to the time the task is done. If a Tasker thinks, “If I were the Client, what would I want to know?” they can’t go wrong.”  – Kim J., New York

“In your first interactions with the Client, get a list of what items they need to be assembled and, if possible, get links to the items. If they provide links, find the assembly guide and familiarize yourself with what needs to be done and the tools required.”Seth F., New York

  1. Prepare the Space

In furniture assembly tasks, it’s crucial to prepare the space where you’re tasking to ensure a quick, clean, and efficient assembly. Our top Taskers recommend placing a carpet, blanket, or cardboard box down underneath where you’ll be assembling furniture to protect the item and your Client’s floor from scratches.

“Save the larger pieces of cardboard packaging. You will use these build on, and to protect the floor and the furniture pieces from being damaged.”Seth F., New York

“Clients tell me they chose me because I list in my description that I will bring moving blankets to protect their floor and furniture sliders to move items into place. There is definitely overlap from both the Help Moving and Mounting categories in terms of equipment and knowing how to provide my client with everything that arises on their job. Clients will, at times, need help moving their packages so I am ready with a dolly and hand truck.”Jonathan C., San Francisco

“Before assembling a bed, first ask where the headboard will be located. Turning an already assembled bed 180 degrees is sometimes not possible in a small room.”Seth F., New York

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  1. Bring the Right Tools for the Task

Before starting a furniture assembly task, our more experienced Taskers recommend ensuring you have the right tools. An Allen wrench or Hex key are obvious choices for Furniture Assembly tasks, but did you know some other tools are worth bringing along?

A stud finder allows you to locate appropriate areas on the wall should you need to secure furniture to prevent a tipping hazard. (This is also helpful when mounting pictures or shelves!) A level ensures everything is even and straight as you assemble pieces together. Our top Taskers also recommend bringing along a pair of knee pads—this could save you from bruises and hours of pain as you assemble furniture items!

“Arriving on time with a good attitude, precision, and mindfulness of my surroundings— and with a tool kit that consists of more than just the usual power and hand toolsputs me above the rest.”Jonathan C., San Francisco

Interested in learning more furniture assembly tips from our top Taskers in the Furniture Assembly category? Check out the full Furniture Assembly lesson in your Tasker Learning Library.

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