Moving: the Winners

Moving season is in full swing! Hopefully, you’re already taking advantage of the huge increase in Help Moving task invitations we’ve seen over the past few weeks, but in case you aren’t, here’s a compelling reason why you should:


$4,000—that’s what taskers made on average, just from Help Moving tasks last year, in June alone. Imagine everything you could do with that healthy boost to your bank account!  

We chatted with some of these highest-earning Taskers in the Help Moving category to find out their tips and tricks about how to make the most (pun intended!) of the Help Moving category.

Here are some of the top tips they shared with us:


Weekend schedule availability. Most Clients move on weekends as a result of lease end-dates. Make sure your schedule reflects availability on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the months of June, July and August! This is particularly true at the end of the month!


“Having weekend availability and a truck helped me build my business!” – Harp S., San Francisco

gulyas-bianka-512681-unsplash.jpgFind a buddy to help you with moves. Moving can be hard with just one person. Consider pairing up with a fellow Tasker to complete a task and split the money earned. It should allow you to knock out more tasks in less time, which means more money in your pocket!



“My best advice to new movers is to choose a Tasker to partner with that is not just reliable and able to do the work, but who is also cool-headed during stressful situations and is very friendly with clients.” – Matt P., New York


marion-michele-66097-unsplash.jpgPositivity is key! Moving is a stressful time for Clients, so make sure you communicate frequently with your Client, and show up to a task cheerful and energetic to help make the move easier on them!


“Time, positivity, and patience lead to experience and dedication, and happy Clients!” – Andy M., New York

“Show up with a great attitude of readiness.” – Terrence G., New York

“Setting the proper expectation and ensuring both parties are on the same page has been the key to my success. Moving is stressful enough – making sure there aren’t any surprises come moving day is a top priority!” – Joe T., New York

As with all tasks, showing up with a smile and a positive attitude can go a long way toward obtaining a recurring Client for Help Moving and other categories! And what’s not to smile about with the prospect of earning extra cash?

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