Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday we’re celebrating Dads—the ones who taught you how to ride a bike, how to shoot a basketball, or how to have a strong work ethic. Here at TaskRabbit, we have a deep respect for fathers, particularly those who are out there balancing family life with a busy work schedule. If you now have children of your own, you know just how important the role of fatherhood is to your children—and to you. You’re a caregiver, a teacher, a role model, and so much more.


We chatted with some of the incredible dads who work here at TaskRabbit HQ, and here’s what they had to say about fatherhood and tasking:

“I hope parents can find the time to be with their children and do the things they love to do. For some, that means finding and developing a flexible work schedule, like Taskers do every day.”

derek-thomson-528231-unsplash“I’ve heard so many stories for how TaskRabbit has helped families: children put through college, time to spend with their kids, special trips, and so on. My hope is that TaskRabbit can continue to be a small part of achieving whatever goals people have for themselves and their children. This drives me to do the best we can to make that happen for everyone on the platform.”

Every father/child relationship is unique, and today, we’re sharing stories from our Taskers—some humorous, some heartfelt—about how their fathers helped shape them as individuals and helped prepare them for the work they do today.

Ariel WAriel W: My dad’s tip on doing handy tasks was to “call a professional.” I, on the other hand, researched how to build a rabbit cage at age 14 and knocked his socks off by actually completing it!

Nathan BNathan B: My dad was an internationally published artist, illustrator of children’s books, and a designer. He designed and built two houses by himself–the second of which I was around to see being built during my childhood. I was surrounded by tools and all the stuff used in home building and remodeling. I learned quite a bit from him, and because of this I went to art school and got a degree in architecture. While the work I used to do in residential design was desk-based, it was my dad (and also my mom) who gave me the hands-on skills to do the work I do on TaskRabbit.

Amy F.Amy F: I think overall, the best way my dad prepared me for life was by making sure I knew that I was loved and valued. He taught me to trust people until they give you reason not to. Love your family, friends, and community. Help others who have less than you do. Money is necessary, but it shouldn’t be the main motivator in your life. As it relates to TaskRabbit, he was not handy at all. His best tip was to “hire someone with good references,” which is why I always try to keep my Clients happy so I get good reviews!

Casey T.Casey T: My father is great at improvisation on a job. He taught me that “there is no such thing as can’t” when it comes to a project. That’s something I keep in mind now on every task I complete!


So, regardless of whether your father taught you every skill you’ve ever known or taught you that sometimes it’s best (or necessary!) to figure something out for yourself, we’re celebrating him today, as well as those among you who are dads! We’re always aiming to help you live with as much work flexibility as possible, and we hope this allows you to find all the time you need to be with your children, do the things they love to do, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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