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Response Rate—What is it?

Last week, we started a blog series about Tasker Business Metrics and why they’re important. We covered the importance of your Acceptance Rate, which is the percentage of direct task invitations you’ve accepted in the last 30 days measured against the total number you’ve received.

Today, we’re diving into Response Rate, which is measured by the amount of times you have responded to a task invitation within the agreed-upon time window  (i.e., end of the day).  Your metrics also reflect how often you’ve responded within 1 hour to Same Day task invitations.

Just as with your Acceptance Rate, your Response Rate is measured at any given point over the last 30 days on a rolling basis.

Why is Response Rate important?

If you’re on our platform and marking yourself available for non-Same Day tasks, it is your responsibility to respond to Clients by the end of the day. While we understand that you may be slow to respond while you’re tasking, driving, or in an area of poor phone coverage, it is good customer service to respond to Client invitations in a timely manner. Otherwise, a frustrated Client may cancel the task, and even leave the platform, which would mean fewer task invitations for everyone.


So, let’s get practical. You’re on our platform for a reason: to build your business. And having an impeccable Response Rate is an essential factor to your success. Here’s why:

  • Clients who send you a direct invitation for a task want to hire you. Responding quickly is a chance to build your brand and show them they made the right decision!
  • To avoid possible overbooking scenarios, you can only respond to one task invitation at a time. You will not show up in other Client searches until you’ve sent the first chat message to your pending invitation.
  • Clients are more likely to re-book you for tasks if they know you’re a reliable communicator and that you’re respectful of their time.

What are some of the top ways I can improve my Response Rate?

  • Make sure you set yourself as available only when you’re able to respond to invitations in a timely manner. Depending on which city you’re in, you can control this by using Pause Account.
  • Set aside time in your day—or between tasks—to respond to task invitations.
  • Always end your working days by making sure you haven’t left a Client invitation unanswered.

Just as you appreciate quick responses from Clients, they appreciate the same from you. By making sure you’re responding to task invitations on time, you’ll boost your business and increase Clients’ trust in you. While using TaskRabbit as a business-building platform, you’re in control of how you present yourself. The more professional you are, the better your reviews will be—which always helps bring in more business!

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