Moving—Everything you need to know!

It’s moving season! The summer is such a great time to be a Tasker because it’s the time of year when we see the most Help Moving task invitations sent, as well as related types of tasks like Furniture Assembly and Mounting! And why is this relevant to you? Because our Help Moving category has one of the highest take-home rates out of any category on TaskRabbit! In fact, Taskers can earn up to 10% more overall on Help Moving tasks than in other categories!

whereBefore you get out there and start tackling this summer’s moving tasks (and earning the extra money they bring in!), we thought you might be interested in seeing some helpful statistics that will allow you to make the most of this season’s Help Moving opportunities. Keep reading to find out more about our actual demand levels for the Help Moving category, and the who, what, and where that result in the most successful tasks.

Where: Most cities see an uptick in Moving tasks during the summer, but especially cities that experience extreme winter weather! In NYC, demand for Help Moving tasks has skyrocketed over the last 3 months, particularly in Brooklyn, Chelsea, the Lower East side, Greenwich Village, and Soho. And we also have high demand for Help Moving in many other East Coast cities—Boston, Washington D.C., and Chicago to name a few! Consider adjusting your Demand Map to include these areas!

whenWhen: Summertime! Look out for increased demand from June – August, particularly in our East Coast and Midwestern cities that are racing against the clock due to snow, slippery roads, and freezing temperatures. Friday and Saturday are the busiest days for moving tasks to take place, so make sure you’re including weekends when setting your schedule availability! In NYC, the last few days of the calendar month are especially busy (even more if they fall on the weekend!) since these are the most common move out and move in days for the city.

While most Help Moving tasks actually happen on weekends or final days of the month, most Clients are looking to book Taskers for these tasks 1-4 days in advance of their anticipated move date. Make sure to keep your schedule up to date and check your availability early in the week so that you are ready to receive task invitations on the weekends!

Who: Many of our Clients use TaskRabbit across numerous categories, and they also tend to be repeat Clients. They can present a great opportunity for you to snag multiple repeat tasks in other categories through a single Help Moving task!


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