#TaskerTuesday – Brian S.

Is your dream to live on a boat in sunny California while making $100,000 a year? If so, then tasking could be for you! This is Tasker Brian S.’s life.  He lives in beautiful Sausalito, California, lives on a boat, and works as much or as little as he wants to. And he really did make $100,000 in his first year as a Tasker!

Brian was recently featured in Parade Magazine’s 2017 What People Earn Report, in which he discussed the benefits of being a Tasker on the TaskRabbit platform.

Brian-Schrier-620X620We chatted with Brian further and learned about his life before TaskRabbit, when he owned his own petition management business. His biggest frustration back then was not having control over his life due to all the work associated with running a business 24/7.


“With TaskRabbit, I love being able to turn off my work when I want to so that I can live the lifestyle I enjoy,” Brian says. “When my friends ask me if I want to do something next month, I can now say ‘yes’ whenever I want!”

Even so, Brian still likes to make work one of his life priorities. Now with TaskRabbit, however, he’s better equipped to find the right amount of balance. “I make myself available to Clients any time I’m needed, and I often plan my life around the times they don’t need me to work. When I want my life to be a priority, I just turn off my availability on the TaskRabbit app.”

We asked Brian what he thought the top 3 benefits were of working as a Tasker, and all of his answers touched on just how flexible the TaskRabbit platform really is. Now, he has more quality time to spend with those he cares about. He’s able to do more of the things he enjoys because of the freedom and money he gets from TaskRabbit. He also has the freedom to choose his own hourly rate based on his skills.

Brian went on to share some really helpful advice for Taskers, particularly those who want to maintain a healthy life balance but build a strong business. Here’s what he had to say:

  • TaskRabbit offers a lot of freedom, but you need to balance discipline with that freedom. Treat it the way you would any job that holds you to a stricter schedule.
  • Invest in yourself. If you don’t have a tool for a job that you know how to do, buy that tool. When you’ve done that enough times, consider raising your Tasker rate to justify the investment you made in yourself.
  • Don’t work for the money; work for the review. If you work this way, the money will follow.


So, next time you’re pondering what it takes to live the dream—maybe on a boat in Sausalito—remember Brian. Know that you can live the life you want and that you always have a flexible way to earn an income. That’s what TaskRabbit is all about!

If you’re a Tasker and have a great story to share, or if you know of a fellow Tasker who would make a great feature for our #TaskerTuesday series, please comment below!

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