Acceptance Rate—What is it?

Acceptance Rate is a percentage of the number of task invitations you’ve accepted in the last 30 days out of the total number that you’ve received. Your Business Metrics reflect tasks from the most recent 30 days up until yesterday. This area updates daily at midnight.

We recommend staying above a 75% Acceptance Rate at any given time. Since you have the flexibility to control your schedule, Work Area map, and skills, this is an attainable goal to have!

Taskers with higher Acceptance Rates receive more tasks and make more money. Reasons why Taskers might have a lower Acceptance Rate include:

  • Forgetting to update their schedules when their availability changes.
  • Setting their Work Area maps too wide.
  • Forgetting to pause their accounts when not wanting to task.
  • Opting into categories they aren’t qualified for.

How does my Acceptance Rate affect Clients?

When you fail to accept a task Clients have to start their search all over again. Offering Clients a smooth experience when hiring a Tasker creates positive experiences and brings Clients back to the Platform. What should I do if I can’t accept a task invitation that I’ve received?

If you can’t accept a task because of a schedule conflict, try rescheduling with the Client in the chat thread. Usually, you’ll be able to find another time that suits you both and you can reschedule in the app.

If you can’t accept a task because of a skill or tool mismatch, politely let the Client know and cancel the task as soon as possible. If your Acceptance Rate is negatively affected don’t fret—your metrics update on a rolling basis so you always have the opportunity to improve them. Keeping an up-to-date, accurate schedule will help you maintain a high Acceptance Rate, which could mean more tasks coming your way!

9 thoughts on “Acceptance Rate—What is it?

  1. It would be so, very very helpful…. if the app did not allow clients to attempt direct hires during times that overlap already scheduled tasks. It would also be GREAT, if instead of elites having to spend inordinate amounts of time disputing acceptance rate metrics, TR would pre determine which non accepted direct hire attempts are ACTUALLY due to us not meeting the criteria.

  2. I agree with Greg

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