Time to Make the Move!

Did you know that Help Moving has one of the highest take-home rates out of any category on TaskRabbit? In fact, Taskers can make up to 10% more on Help Moving tasks than in other categories.

If you want to capitalize on this high-demand, high-earnings category, this is the blog post for you. We chatted to some of our top Help Moving Taskers—Brian C. from New York and Tariq W. from New York—to learn their recommendations for success. Continue reading to find out more!


Moving Demand

As you can imagine, moving demand spikes in popularity during specific times of the year, especially in areas with extreme winter weather. Look out for increased demand for Help Moving tasks particularly in the late summer months of July, August, and September. To make the most of increased demand during this period, make sure you are setting your schedule as far in advance as possible!

Client Communication

rawpixel-661914-unsplashBoth Brian and Tariq highlighted the importance of communicating with Clients in a positive and professional way—before starting your task. As with any task, excellent customer service will help you go above and beyond and potentially get that coveted thumbs-up review!

Tasker Brian suggests being “flexible with the task, because often with moving tasks, things can change because of outside circumstances.” He also recommends that you “always be friendly and upbeat—not all Clients are moving under positive circumstances, so help them stay happy with positive energy!”

Tariq takes a similar trope with his recommendations. “Clients are people too and moving can be a very stressful process,” he says. “Showing up to a job with energy, being properly hydrated, and treating Clients’ items like they are your own really goes a long way.”


Out of the top 100 Movers on TaskRabbit, over half own a truck. One of the best ways to maximize your earnings on our platform is to be equipped with a pickup or box truck. As Tariq suggests, “If you don’t have a truck, consider communicating with your Client about renting one for their task!” As with all expenses, truck rental should be discussed with a Client prior to the task!

On the Move

When you first begin a Help Moving task, Brian recommends creating a strategy for how you will remove the furniture. Whether you are moving just one bedroom or an entire apartment, he recommends to:


  • Take the largest items out first (mattress, couch, etc.).
  • Remove all other items in descending order of size and weight. For example, remove a desk before removing a desk lamp.
  • Make sure to treat the items with care as you move them around.

For more tips and tricks on how to make the most of the Moving category on TaskRabbit, check out our Moving Lesson built by top Taskers in the Tasker Learning Library!

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