The Importance of Profile Pictures


Imagine this: You’re a Tasker with amazing skills. You’ve written awesome, alluring details about your past experience in your profile. You’ve shown Clients why you’re the best Tasker to help them out. Most importantly, you’re feeling ready to start booking tasks and building your business!

And then you decide to upload a photo of last night’s dinner as your profile picture.

If you were a Client, would you want to invite someone whose face you wouldn’t recognize into your home? We ran an analysis to determine whether a profile picture could influence a Tasker’s success on the TaskRabbit platform, and what we found might surprise you.

Based on our analysis on a small group of Taskers, looking solely at their profile pictures, we learned that, on average, Taskers with better profile pictures:

  • Earn up to 180% more.
  • Receive up to 240% more task invitations.
  • Submit up to 230% more invoices.

The moral of the story? Having a good photo is an extremely important part of your Tasker profile and can truly make a difference to your business!


So what constitutes a good profile picture, you might ask? Continue reading to find out!

While you are in complete control of your business, we encourage you to consider the following when choosing which photo to use for your Tasker profile.


Clients want to see you in your profile photo, so they know who they are welcoming into their homes for a task. Sharing your face and smile is a way to gain a Client’s trust upfront and potentially book more tasks.

From a subject perspective, more successful photos:

  • Are a headshot of just you—no one else!—from the chest up.
  • Have you in the center, smiling at the camera.
  • Have your eyes visible and gazing straight at the camera.
No Yes
DSC_0036 DSC_0067


Photography wouldn’t exist without lighting. It’s often the most important part of any photo! More successful photos should:

  • Have light shining onto your face.
  • Light your face as bright as (or brighter than) the background.
  • Be in focus and not cast your face in shadow or show it obstructed by hair, hats, or anything else!
No Yes
IMG-3919 P1000542


The last aspect to consider when uploading your Tasker photo is the setting. Busy environments can distract from the photo’s main subject, which should be you! Smartphone camera lenses are often a culprit here, because they’re made to capture as wide a space as possible–which often means a busy background.  

In regard to setting, more successful photos:

  • Are shot against a neutral backdrop that isn’t too busy.
  • Have you as the focus so that what’s around you isn’t a distraction!
  • Are shot in a “work appropriate” setting. Remember: you are trying to advertise your professional business services, so your photo should reflect that!

Are shot in a “work appropriate” setting. Remember: you are trying to advertise your professional business services, so your photo should reflect that!  

No Yes
IMG-3910 P1000510-2

If you’re not sure how to achieve the results you’re looking for with a photo, we suggest that you ask a friend or hire a headshot photographer. It’s an upfront investment that will pay off down the line, because it shows that you care about how you present yourself and your business. When Clients see that you care about how you present yourself, they’ll be more likely to hire you!

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