#TaskerTuesday – Alyssa G.

Sick of the 9-5 workday? Craving a flexible schedule that allows you to pick and choose when you work? We know all about the job/life hustle. In fact, that’s why we created our platform—to help you with yours!

alyssa_glidewell_headshots1-smile-psd-version-3Many Taskers come to our platform because the lives they choose to live don’t fit into the typical 9-to-5 schedule. This couldn’t be more true for creative personalities like Tasker Alyssa G. As a San Francisco based independent filmmaker specializing in production management, production scheduling, and script breakdowns, she is well acquainted with the roller coaster of creative life! She also knows that TaskRabbit is a perfect solution for finding work during the slow spells.

“Tasking has given me the flexibility I need as a filmmaker—enough that I can survive in the San Francisco Bay Area, where housing prices can be astronomical,” Alyssa says. “As a freelancer using the platform, I’ve definitely seen what it means to hustle in a way that still allows me to create content and do the things I love.”


If you’re a creative spirit like Alyssa and thinking of using TaskRabbit as a flexible means to earn money while pursuing your creative passion, here are just a few benefits of using the platform:

  • You set your schedule each day. It’s all about flexibility!
  • Your tasks change all the time—which can inspire new ideas and creativity.
  • You get to meet new people every day. You never know what new network connections you’ll make!

As Alyssa recently shared on her blog, here are some helpful Tasker tips for tasking on the go:

  • If you know you’re going to build up a sweat during a task, dress comfortably—jeans, shoes, and a T-shirt.
  • Pack a lunch and bring snacks if you have a full day. You never want to get hungry in the middle of a long task.
  • Bring all the tools you’ll need for the day. For Alyssa, it’s usually her laptop, notes, Post-its, Sharpies, and device chargers. Always come prepared to a task!

If you’re an artist, you’ve probably experienced the ebbs and flows involved with making something out of nothing. Sometimes, there are lulls in inspiration. Other times, there simply might not be paying work available. At TaskRabbit, we always love to hear about people who fight through such obstacles and use our platform to pursue their passions and dreams. Alyssa is a shining example, and we’re thankful to have her as a Tasker!

If you’re a Tasker and have a great story to share, or if you know of a fellow Tasker who would make a great feature for our #TaskerTuesday series, please comment below!

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