#TaskerTuesday – LaToya C.

Sometimes, life hands you unexpected challenges, and you have to think on your feet to figure out the best solution. At TaskRabbit, we know that not earning enough money is a challenge nobody wants to be faced with, which is why we’ve built a platform in the hopes that no one will ever run out of options for earning the money they need.

LatoyaTasker LaToya C. from San Diego is one of our rockstar Taskers who has faced a number of challenges, and overcome them thanks to TaskRabbit. After health problems interfered with her previous employment and short-term disability benefits ran out, she turned to TaskRabbit not just to make ends meet, but also to help her feel like she was still a self-sufficient and productive member of the broader community.

We interviewed LaToya because she exemplifies a spirit of positivity in the face of adversity, which we hold as an extremely admirable trait! Let’s dive into her answers!

What did you do for a living before becoming a Tasker?

Before TaskRabbit, I served 11 years in the Navy then decided to leave to pursue my education and creative interests. I attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and received degrees in visual communications and business management. From there I worked as a visual merchandiser—a.k.a made things pretty—for big box retailers such as Living Spaces, Target, and IKEA as well as started two businesses of my own.

What brought you to TaskRabbit?

In October of 2016, I became extremely ill and had to take a leave of absence from my job. After almost a year, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and with my short term disability insurance running out, I needed a flexible way to make income since working a regular 9-5 wasn’t an option anymore due to my health.

What has your favorite thing about TaskRabbit been so far?

Without a doubt, it has been the Clients I’ve met. Getting to hear people’s stories and having those one-on-one interactions has always been something that appealed to me and now I get to do it on an almost daily basis. Being invited into people’s homes and helping them through some of life’s biggest events (moves, weddings, childbirth, etc.) is very humbling and rewarding.


Apart from simply doing tasks, did you do anything, in particular, to gain Clients and achieve Elite status in just five months?

Nope—just elbow grease, being nice, and always keeping Clients in the loop with any schedule changes! Communication is key!

What was the most rewarding thing about your transition into becoming a Tasker?

The most rewarding thing so far has been the ability for me to maintain my independence. Lyme Disease has taken so much from me; at times, I need help with simple day-to-day tasks like tying my shoes or cutting up my food. Add to that the extreme fatigue and pain—it is a lot to deal with. Being a Tasker has allowed me to feel as though I am still contributing member of society rather than a disabled invalid, which has done wonders for my confidence during this difficult time.

How has TaskRabbit improved or affected your life?

TaskRabbit has allowed me to live—and I know that may sound like I’m being dramatic, but hear me out! A year ago, I lost my job because of my health issues, and after being denied for disability twice, I honestly was not sure how I was going to make ends meet. I randomly heard about TaskRabbit when watching one of my favorite YouTubers, so did a quick search to see what it was all about. $20 and two hours later, my profile was up and running and I’ve been going ever since!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with other Taskers?

As a kid, most of us are told to treat others how we want to be treated—that is pretty solid advice that has done me well so far. Whether I’m cleaning, building IKEA furniture, or decorating, I perform each task the way I would if I were doing it for myself. It also doesn’t hurt that I have 11 years of military training and a mild case of OCD behind me as well!

We are incredibly proud to have LaToya working as a Tasker on our platform. Her story inspires us every day to keep evolving and making TaskRabbit the easiest, most flexible freelance platform out there!

If you’re a Tasker and have a great story to share, or if you know of a fellow Tasker who would make a great feature for our #TaskerTuesday series, please comment below!

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