#TaskerTuesday – David C.

As a Tasker, you get to run your own business—a thrilling and empowering endeavor! Time and time again, we’ve seen proof that our platform really works for those who crave professional independence and flexibility.

david cOne of our full-time Taskers, David C. from New York, was recently featured on the PolicyGenius blog, where he shared some awesome tips for how to make the most of TaskRabbit to build a lucrative personal business. Continue reading to learn David’s recommendations based on the PolicyGenius blog on how you can do the same with your TaskRabbit business!

  1. Learn about the marketplace

Easy gigs—like being a greeter at an event, standing in line for a coveted restaurant, or grilling somebody’s dinner—saturate the market. What David suggests for new Taskers is to test out the market and find out what tasks local Clients are willing to pay premiums for. He found that in New York, where he lives, one of those tasks is moving. Clients in New York often don’t have the time or the tools to move themselves, nor do they have the money to afford a bigger moving company. But David soon realized that people and businesses were moving all the time. So, he bought a cargo van, moving blankets, and dollies. He now charges over $100 per hour for the service and receives consistent tasks!

  1. Push Yourself

“If you’re starting out, you can’t only do one thing,” David says. While he suggests dabbling in tasks that don’t require advanced skills, he also suggests doing tasks that offer opportunities to learn and use special skills that go above and beyond the scope of the task. For example, if you’re good at taking pictures and are working an event, offer to snap some photos for the Client. Any opportunity to exceed expectations is a chance to gain repeat Clients!

  1. Understand Your Limits

While going above and beyond is an important part of building your Tasker business, it’s also important to know your limits! “Narrowing down the types of tasks you’ll do is essential,” David says. “Know what you can, can’t, and won’t do.” He also suggests setting clear boundaries with a Client ahead of time. For example, if you’re putting furniture together but aren’t able to lift or move it, let them know. This will result in a better experience for everyone.

  1. Remember Associated Tasks

David also suggests keeping an eye out for opportunities to turn one task into many. Sometimes, a Client needs help with moving, but they haven’t thought about getting help with furniture assembly or wall mounting. By being observant and offering to do other tasks, you may have the opportunity to earn ongoing tasks and more money!

  1. Remember to Build Your Personal Brand!

“Yes, you have a personal brand,” David says. “Since you’re essentially selling yourself and your business, make sure to have a professional headshot.” He also urges all Taskers to introduce a touch of personality to their profiles and be specific about what background skills they have. All these things will encourage new Clients to choose you for a task—which in turn could lead to positive reviews, the other key ingredient in attracting new business!

Becoming a well-paid, full-time Tasker doesn’t happen overnight, but if you have a plan, a great work ethic, and a drive to succeed, you should be able to reach this goal!

If you’re a Tasker and have a great story to share, or if you know of a fellow Tasker who would make a great feature for our #TaskerTuesday series, please comment below!

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