Want to Improve your Client Reviews?

Ever wondered how to receive great Client reviews? Reviews are an essential part of what makes Clients select one Tasker over another for a particular task. We collected tips and recommendations from some of our Taskers with the highest reviews, who have a wealth of knowledge on how they provide outstanding customer service!


Give yourself a buffer: “I always leave an hour gap between tasks. I’ll leave an hour of travel time during rush hour and a half hour for normal traffic times. I always check Google for traffic alerts.” Angelo H.

When a Client isn’t home: Be even more thorough than normal: “I ask more questions and make sure that I have all the details before they leave.”Cheryl D.


Be prepared and communicate with your Client: “I bring lots of water, some food, Band-Aids and a phone charger. I notify the Client before the task starts that I will need a short break for lunch, and discuss how we should approach the task considering working around the break.”Brian B.

“If the task is a delivery, I confirm being at the pickup location at the scheduled time is okay for them, and not that they need the item by that time.” – Mariam T.

“I make sure I communicate effectively and get it done. Always going above and beyond expectations.”Chloe L.

Ask questions: “I’m respectful of the Client’s home, belongings and wishes. I do more “asking” than “telling”, explaining briefly how I will accomplish the task they requested me for.”Ron L.

At the end of a task:If a Client expresses interest in hiring me again, I explain the “Ongoing” task feature to them and ask if I can keep the task open. Since we can’t communicate with past Clients any other way, I have found this is a great way to generate repeat Clients, as it allows me to remind them of their wishes to hire me again.”Chloe L.

“I double check my math on the invoice. I make sure any expenses have been documented and sent to the Client and the hours I put in match the Client’s expected hours worked”Mike G.

Utilize the custom closing message: “In my closing statement I mention that if they enjoyed my work and have the time I would appreciate a review.”Sam R.


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