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At the very heart of our platform are neighbors helping neighbors. If you haven’t heard of TaskRabbit for Good (TR4G) yet, here it is: It’s our commitment to giving back and making a difference in every community we operate in. Whether it’s through volunteering, investing in diversity, or ensuring everyone has the ability to make a living in their local economies, TaskRabbit truly cares about making a positive impact in the community.


Through TR4G, TaskRabbit partners with select non-profits to help connect Taskers with local volunteer efforts. It provides Taskers with the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Taskers, better their community, and meet potential future Clients.

Read more about what the organizations and volunteers have to say about TR4G events:

“The Taskers were AMAZING, thank you so much! We got everything done, and more. We so appreciate TaskRabbit’s support!” —Nonprofit, My Friend’s Place, Los Angeles

“Thank you for considering me and the opportunity to work with TaskRabbit. I’d probably have gone hungry myself if it wasn’t for this job. I’m glad to have been a part of the “team.” —Tasker volunteer

“Service to others is a favorite pastime of mine. I get no better feeling than to be able to bring my skills, talents and fun spirit to those in need. A servant leader is what I was born to be. If you need it, I got it.” —Tasker volunteer

One great example of the amazing contribution Taskers have made in their community is during the recovery efforts in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. TaskRabbit HQ employees traveled there to work alongside volunteers from Houston and Austin at the Houston Food Bank, to muck a badly damaged house. Taskers were able to put their skills towards helping their local community and connect with each other along the way.

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Not only are we in the planning stages of increasing the scope of our TR4G volunteer program, but we’re also working to understand how we’re impacting the communities that we’re a part of, and how we can contribute to their sustainability.


Here are just a few things we plan to measure:

  • The amount of income reinvested back into local communities.
  • The percentage of people in our community who are active participants in TR4G.
  • Our diversity and how our Tasker community reflects the communities in which we’re present.

Through TR4G, we hope to help facilitate real impact in the communities that we serve. By empowering individuals and teams to grow stronger as a community through this initiative, we’re connecting Taskers with local nonprofits to work together to drive change and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Interested in joining us for a TR4G event? If you’re a Tasker, consider adding TaskRabbit for Good to your skills in the Tasker app. If you do, you’ll be the first to hear about local events. Also, click here to look at our upcoming volunteer opportunities!

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