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Tips from Fellow Taskers: Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how to get more repeat Cleaning task Clients? Turns out that communicating with Clients – before, during, and after a task – is just as important as how you clean! Interested in learning more? If so, read on!

We gathered the advice of three of TaskRabbit’s top Taskers in the Cleaning category, Ossie D., from LA & OC, Laura D. from New York City, and Max C. from SF Bay Area, and compiled their top tips from experience. We hope you find their advice to be as thorough as these Taskers are when they clean their Clients’ homes!

The number one tip that Ossie, Laura, and Max shared for working with Clients is communication, communication, communication.

“Always communicate with the Client; if you’re running late, tell them and apologize in advance. If you are home with their pets; send photos! If the Clients aren’t home and you’ve never met them, take before and after pictures so they have an idea of what the final results are like.” – Laura

By communicating with your Client by simply sending them a message when you arrive at the location of the task and immediately after you’re done (if they aren’t there during the task), you can not only help build trust, but also document the time frame you were at the task in case of any discrepancy. Or, if your Client is home while you’re at a task, just the way you introduce yourself can get your task off on the right foot.

“When I arrive I always introduce myself with a smile by saying “Hi (Client’s name) I’m Ossie from TaskRabbit.” – Ossie

As you can see from these Tasker examples, when it comes to tasking, communication truly is king! But even more than that, getting positive reviews is about treating everyone with respect. As Tasker Max put it:

“First, every person is a part of my community. I always treat people how I’d like to be treated, and believe in the good of humanity. I communicate well. If someone is unhappy, I make it right. I show up on time, 100% of the time. And of course, I do an excellent job. It helps that I keep a one-point focus throughout the cleaning- no cell phones, no distractions. I feel accomplished and proud that the results of my hard work are tangible and something to be proud of! If you learn to love the process, the sky’s the limit.” – Max

Top Tip: When picking up and returning keys from doormen when Clients aren’t home, take a photo of you returning the keys!

Aside from communication, the second major piece of advice we heard from some of our top Cleaning Taskers is the importance of arriving fully equipped for the Cleaning task. That includes showing up for a task with a vacuum, mop, bucket, and all other necessary cleaning supplies.

When you are hired, Ossie recommends asking the Client about the details of the task – number of rooms, type of floors etc. – so that you show up well prepared. Keeping a personal inventory of your cleaning supplies is also crucial: it avoids arriving at a task missing necessary supplies.

Top tip:If the Client is there during the task, it is a good exercise to walk through the apartment room by room with them before you start cleaning to show the Client areas that you will clean which may normally be overlooked, such as baseboards, window sills, cobwebs, under beds, under sofa cushions, ceiling fans to name a few. It is good to rub a clean cloth along some of these areas to show the dust buildup to the Client.” – Ossie

Interested in learning more cleaning tips from our top Taskers in the Cleaning category? Stay tuned for our next blog in this Cleaning recommendations series, focusing on kitchens, or check out the full Cleaning 101 Lesson in your Tasker Learning Library.

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