Intro to our Community Team!

It’s been a big year for us, and we wouldn’t be here without you. At TaskRabbit, positive connections between members of our community are something we always strive for. And that doesn’t just mean connections between Taskers and Clients. It includes the relationship between Taskers and TaskRabbit HQ. After all, our platform is a three-sided community, and we truly care about all three sides of it– Our Taskers, Our Clients, and our employees at TaskRabbit HQ!

In an effort to connect more personally with our Tasker community, we’re excited to introduce our Tasker Connection video series – a way to help you feel more connected to our platform.

The first episode in our Tasker Connection video series is Intro to the Community Team. Watch the video to meet some of our TaskRabbit Community team members, who focus on engaging with our Taskers both through digital communications and in-person, and sharing Tasker feedback to the rest of TaskRabbit HQ.

After watching the video, if you want to meet one of us in-person, keep an eye on your inbox and look for a meetup coming to your city soon!

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