#TaskerTuesday – Christian B.

Here at TaskRabbit HQ, we see proof every day that our platform is so much more than just a means for you to build your freelance business. Time and time again, we hear heartfelt Tasker stories about genuine human connections and friendships that result from our platform.

BernzSometimes, being a Tasker can bring the most unexpected types of connections. Tasker Christian B., San Francisco, has an amazing story not just about how TaskRabbit brought them a recurring Client, but also how the platform changed their life on a personal level.

When Christian started doing tasks for an elderly woman in San Francisco—one of the most expensive cities in the United States—they had no idea just how much it would impact his life.

“I’ve met many amazing and generous people along the way. One elderly lady turned out to be the most amazing Client. Me and my girlfriend ended up taking care of her and her home in San Francisco. We got to live there rent-free!”

Christian’s role as a Tasker transformed. After growing close with this elderly Client, they were invited along with his girlfriend to live for free in her house and to be an ongoing caregiver. Apart from having built a meaningful friendship with her, Christian has had opportunities they didn’t expect when they first signed up to be a Tasker.


It’s easy to forget that doing tasks for people can often become so much more. Each Client you interact with has a unique story, and you just never know what good things might happen when you click “Accept” for each new task.

If you’re a Tasker and have a great story to share, or if you know of a fellow Tasker who you think would make a great feature for our #TaskerTuesday series, please comment below!

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