We’ve Reduced Our Service Fee to…

Big News! This week we’re doing two things: providing clearer rates for Taskers and reducing our service fee from 30% to 15%.

First, we’re flipping how your rates are displayed in the Tasker app. The price you set will be the amount you take home! What was once your take-home rate will be clearly displayed as “Your Tasker Rate.” You will still see the Client rate below Your Tasker Rate.

Next up: We’re cutting our service fee in half.

This update only affects what the Client pays overall, not the Tasker Rates that you set. Clients will now see a different (and lower) overall price on your profile—one that includes your Tasker Rate, plus our reduced 15% service fee.

Our goal with this update is to help you get more business by attracting more Clients to our platform. By reducing our service fee, we hope to benefit both Clients and Taskers in the marketplace. The idea is: The more affordable TaskRabbit is, the more people will choose it when they need an extra set of hands! You can keep your Tasker Rate constant, while allowing our reduced service fee do all the work of helping to attract more Clients.

Look for an update in the Tasker app later this week that will display “Your Tasker Rate” more prominently. A few days later, expect to see Clients paying less, thanks to our reduced service fee!  As always, you have complete control over your Tasker Rates.

Curious to learn more? Check out our Support Center article here. If you have feedback regarding this update, we’d love to hear it!

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