Same Day Tasks Have a New Look!

Taskers, you’re the backbone of our business, and we aim to improve your experience every day. Hopefully, you’re aware that our 2018 feature rollout is now underway! Coming up first, we’re introducing Same Day Recommendations.

Starting in a few days, Clients will no longer be auto-assigned to available Taskers for Same Day tasks. They will now have the opportunity to select a Tasker by browsing profiles, just as they do for Direct Hire tasks. This means they’ll get to choose you based on your Quick Pitches, reviews, experience, and availability—which together show the overall strength of your business. Make sure you’re setting your preferences for Same Day tasks and optimizing your profile to make the most of this new feature!


To complement this, Same Day rates for all categories will be identical to the rates you’ve previously set in the Tasker app. Because you can change these at any time, you now have full control over what you charge for Same Day tasks. Looking to add another category for Same Day or non-Same Day tasks? Add it to your profile under “Rates and Skills.”

Here’s why we think you’ll love this update:

  • You’ll have one rate per category, period.
  • You set your own rate and can change it at any time—no questions asked.
  • You can market your business based on the power of your profile.
  • Clients can now choose the best Tasker for the task, so you can expect tasks that more closely match your skills and experience.
  • No more rate change confusion or restrictions for Clients booking you directly for Same Day tasks if you’re available.

If you’re looking to task immediately, make sure you set your preferences for Same Day tasks, optimize your profile photo and Quick Pitches, and ensure all your information is up to date! For more details about Same Day Recommendations, check out our Support Center article.


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