Minor Home Repairs and Why They’re a Great Way to Task.

If you like to fix things, build things, and use tools then you’re a great fit for the Minor Home Repairs category.

You know how it can be when something in your house breaks or gets damaged. You’re busy with work, you’ve got kids running around, or maybe you just don’t have the energy to fix it yourself. These are the Clients who need your help.

Here are a few types of home repairs our Taskers often complete:

  • Drywall repair.
  • Door repair.
  • Drawer/cabinet repair.
  • Tiling.
  • Garbage disposal maintenance.

When it comes to tools, Minor Home Repairs tasks can sometimes require quite a few. Here are a few of the most recommended tools from Elite Taskers:

Entry Level Tools Experienced Level Tools Expert Level Tools
Hammer Level Planer
Drill Stud finder Hammer drill
Screwdrivers and wrenches (all types). Box cutter or retractable knife Jigsaw and miter saw
Various screws, nuts, nails, etc. Spackle and spackling knife Electric sander

As with any task, Minor Home Repairs can come with unexpected surprises. Make sure you’re prepared by keeping these pro tips in mind:


  • Band-Aids. Band-Aids. Band-Aids.
  • Keep dog treats in your toolbox.
  • Bring a laser leveler to help with leveling or hanging items.
  • Buy high-quality tools—it’s a better investment over time!
  • Register your vehicle as a commercial vehicle.
  • Get a contractor permit so you can park in commercial metered spots.


2 thoughts on “Minor Home Repairs and Why They’re a Great Way to Task.

  1. Rachel Erickson says:

    Aside from the standard hand, electrue, pneumatic and battery operated tools, I always carry alcohol wipes,(cleaning surfaces for better adhesion, and removal, also erases sharpie!) , Paintable caulk (adhesive, nail hole filler, waterproofing, leveler, temporary positioning, etc….) Wood glue (it’s not just for wood you know) and last but not least, anti-sieze lubricant, Say you’ve just disassembled something with less than pristine hardware and you have to reuse it, now you can with no regrets! Great for squeaky metal items, helps lubricates and stubborn hardware and great for tools, especially for your metal scrapers and putty knives. Rub a little on and presto! No rust will build up here! I’ve got more but I I can’t give all my secrets away yet.

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