Your Tasker experience is about to get better. Much better.

As Taskers, you know it’s been a big year for TaskRabbit, and we wouldn’t be here without you. Our company is growing fast, and our plans to expand are bigger than ever before. Our mission, however, is still the same: to give you an easy platform to build your business, be your own boss, and live a flexible lifestyle.

With this comes Tasker Connection, a simple idea representing our commitment to be transparent about all the awesome things TaskRabbit is doing going forward. We believe the more information you have, the more your business can thrive.


IKEA’s acquisition of TaskRabbit last year was a big deal for everyone, and you may still have questions. Is it going to negatively affect your business? Is IKEA planning to hijack work opportunities and focus the app only on their stores? Is someone from their corporate headquarters now sitting behind our developers, dictating the direction we have to move in?

The answer to all the above questions is no. IKEA has given us the broader exposure and financial backing we needed to make our platform truly global. The best part is that they want us to stay independent and keep innovating on our own—all while offering you more work opportunities.

IKEA shoppers can now hire Taskers instantly during checkout on, and they’ll soon have the same option inside IKEA stores across the country. All this will be integrated into the personal business platform you’ve come to love.


That said, we’re making some improvements this year! Here’s a preview of updates you can expect over the next few months:

  • A reduction in our service fee.
  • Clearer Tasker take-home rates.
  • More time to respond to Clients.
  • Improved profile exposure.
  • Extended Customer Support hours.
  • Large-scale advertising campaigns.
  • IKEA tasks available nationwide.

And we’re not stopping there. Further into 2018, we’ll have even more updates rolling out, including:

  • Same Day tasks in all cities.
  • In-person Tasker events nationwide.
  • Faster Customer Support.
  • Better Tasker app navigation and design.
  • International expansion and brand awareness.
  • Unified app features across all cities.
  • Growing our engineering team.


We’re setting the stage for our next big phase of growth, and we’re considering you and your Tasker experience every step of the way. Our business is to help you build yours, and we’re incredibly excited to move forward with you into our bright future.

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Happy Tasking!

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